COVID Still A Concern In Colorado

DENVER—State health officials are issuing a warning about COVID-19.  They say pandemic is not over despite the state’s average infection rate falling by nearly a third since April.  The big concern is the climbing rate of hospitalizations.  Colorado was averaging 1,731 newly confirmed COVID cases each day in late April-the most since January 19th. Since then, the numbers have fallen.  The state averaged 1,182 newly confirmed cases over the past week.  However, officials say other metrics are a big concern such as the state hospitalization rate.  In Garfield County, the health department says a total of 99 cases of COVID-19 were reported between April 27th and May 10th.  The seven day average is now down to six.  Since the outbreak began over a week ago, Valley View Hospital has admitted 257 patients while 50 have been hospitalized at Grand River Health.