CU Leeds School Predicts Steady 2024

Despite persistent inflation, high interest rates, a shortage of workers, and slow consumer spending, Colorado’s economy in 2024 will be steady according to experts at the University of Colorado. Brian Lewandowski, the Executive Director of the Business Research Division at CU-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business says the trends suggest there won’t be a recession and job opportunities should be plentiful. The outlook is based on feedback from 130 individuals across various industries and computer analysis. The forecast predicts Colorado’s job growth will be mediocre at 1.4 percent or roughly 42,000 non-farm jobs next year. Currently, Colorado ranks 42nd in the nation for job growth, while the Colorado unemployment rate remains below the national average. Leeds Business School Dean Richard Wobbekind says seven of the 11 major industries in Colorado will see job growth; professional and business, government, education and health services, trade, transportation and utilities, leisure and hospitality, and other services like hair salons and car washes. The four industries that are expected to lose jobs next year include manufacturing, construction, information, and the financial sector.