Embezzling Case Takes Tragic Turn

One of the largest embezzlement scandals in the history of the Garfield County Clerk & Recorders Office has now taken a tragic turn. Authorities say that 55-year-old Sean McMillan, husband of Robin McMillan who was convicted last year of stealing over $440,000 from the county, has taken his own life.
Larimer County Deputy Coroner James McNaughton says that McMillan died Sunday at his Loveland home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
News of McMillan’s death follows hard on the heels of an announcement just days ago from District Attorney Sherry Caloia that investigators had discovered $56,000 allegedly hidden by the McMillans in an attempt to prevent the money from being seized for restitution. Officials were reportedly tipped off about the hidden money by a fellow inmate of Robin McMillan’s who heard her talking about the secret stash. $46,000 was found in a safe when officials executed a search warrant at the home of the McMillan’s son, and the remaining $10,000 was found in Sean McMillan’s possession.
The DA’s office is working to recover the money as partial repayment of the extensive multi-year theft. Robin McMillan is currently serving a 10-year sentence in the Department of Corrections, but had successfully appealed the case to the Colorado Court of Appeals. It’s unclear what affect the discovery of the hidden money may have on her resentencing which is scheduled for September 1st.