Fish and Wildlife Employees Plead Guilty After Poaching Incident

DENVER (AP) – Colorado officials say two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees pleaded guilty to poaching-related charges.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Tuesday 44-year-old Thad Bingham and 45-year-old Brian Scheer pleaded guilty to trespassing in the 2014 killing of a bull elk on private land that was closed to hunting.
Officials say Bingham also pleaded guilty to illegal wildlife possession.
No phone number could be found for either man. Fish and Wildlife Service spokeswoman Anna Munoz said the agency was aware of the case but couldn’t comment on whether the service took any action against the men.
Bingham was fined $200 and ordered to donate $5,000 to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Scheer was fined $86.
They could also be barred from hunting and fishing in Colorado for up to five years.