St. George, Utah–The pilot of a small plane flying from Eagle County to
L.A. was killed in a crash near St. George, Utah over the weekend.
Authorities say the single-engine experimental plane went down
during a blizzard late Saturday afternoon.
State Capitol–Hundreds of people are rallying today for immigration
rights at the Colorado State Capitol. The gathering is also part of
Latino Advocacy Day.
State Capitol–Concealed guns without a permit? A new bill that’s
fast gaining support among state lawmakers would allow exactly
that. The measure will allow people who can legally possess a gun
to carry it concealed.
Salida–The artist Christo, who hung tons of fabric at Rifle Gap
over 30 years ago, is now hoping federal officials will give
his latest project the green light. Christo’s goal is to suspend
six miles of fabric over the Arkansas River for two weeks.

DENVER (AP) – A Colorado Democrat who has said he’ll propose a
possible tax to avoid education cuts plans to give new details
about his plan.
Boulder Sen. Rollie Heath says he has a plan to protect schools
from additional budget cuts next fiscal year. He’s set to speak
about it at the Capitol on Monday.
Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has proposed slashing
education funding, which comprises the biggest chunk of the state
budget. The $332 million cut for the next school year would amount
to about $500 less per student.
Heath called the governor’s proposal “unacceptable.”
Senate President Brandon Shaffer, another Democrat, has also
criticized the governor’s education cuts. But unlike Heath, Shaffer
has said new taxes shouldn’t be considered.

DENVER (AP) – The number of Colorado children abused or
neglected has been growing.
The Denver Post reports that confirmed abuse and neglect cases
have grown between 2007 and 2009, the latest year statistics are
In 2009, 36 children died because of abuse, up from 27 in 2007.
The data was collected by the state and provided by the Kempe
Center, which treats abused children.
The number of confirmed abuse and neglect cases dropped between
2006 and 2007 but then began to rise. The rate went from 8.3 per
1,000 in 2007 to 9.1 per 1,000 in 2009.
The increase comes even as abuse rates in other states have
dropped. Some think it might be because Colorado has been trying to
be more consistent in what’s labeled as abuse and neglect and
what’s not.