Glenwood Springs–Medical marijuana regulations will once again be discussed
by the Glenwood Springs city council. The council will also deal with a number
of land use issues including the comprehensive plan and a community center
roundhouse at the Cardiff Glen subdivision.
Glenwood Springs–The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office returned nearly
3 million dollars of taxpayer funds that were unused in 2010.
Denver–Governor Hickenlooper signed several bills into law today
including one that creates a so-called “blue alert” advisory system
to help catch people who are accused of hurting police officers.
Denver–The father of a Columbine shooting victim is once again
calling for stepped up background checks for potential gun buyers.
Tom Mauser, the father of Daniel Mauser is joining state lawmakers
in calling for Congress to tighten the background check rules.

DENVER (AP) – Gov. John Hickenlooper heads to a Denver day care
center tomorrow to sign a bill allowing child care facilities with
common owners to share fingerprint-based criminal history checks
for employees. Today he plans to sign a bill to require more
information to be published alongside ballot initiatives.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is joining
Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander in sponsoring a bill to establish a
national task force to examine regulations and testing governing
public schools. The national task force would make recommendations
for policy makers to reduce regulatory compliance and improve the
quality of assessment systems.