Glenwood Springs–Antero Resources was granted a 30-day
extension to study the Health Impact Assessment of Battlement Mesa.
Garfield County Commissioners voted unanimously to extend the
comment period to April 30th. Researchers who conducted
the H-I-A say tacking on another month would be a waste
of time.
Glenwood Springs–Garfield County Commissioners voted
2 to 1 to approve a hotel and liquor license for Rock Gardens
Resort in No Name to build a new restaurant and outdoor deck. The
approval came over the objections of several concerned
Carbondale–Crystal River Elementary School in
Carbondale is closed today along with the Church at
Carbondale and the Common Grounds Coffee shop
due to the apparent suicide of someone in the school
parking lot.
Denver–State lawmakers killed a watered down bill that
would have forced bail bondsmen to forfeit bonds when a
client is deported for being an illegal immigrant.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado House lawmakers are expected to vote on
whether to ban a restraint method linked to the deaths of four
people in state custody in the last decade. The method known as
“prone restraint” is one in which a person is laid face-down and
held or tied. The bill has already passed the Senate and a
committee decides today whether to send it to the full House.