Denver–Colorado’s future water needs, specifically, Denver’s
needs, are being discussed by a panel of experts today. Some
predict the metro area will need an additional 272 thousand
acre feet of water by 20-50, putting further demands on
western slope supplies.
Denver–Should the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Parks
Department merge to save money? Governor Hickenlooper
likes the idea. Today, a senate committee will discuss the
plan for the first time.
Denver–Western slope State Senator Jean White hopes to
streamline the licensing process for teachers. The Hayden
Republican is co-sponsoring a bill to help the state department
of education deal with a huge backlog of applications.
Denver–Health insurance exchanges are supposed to be in
place in Colorado by 20-14 under the federal health care
overhaul. A senate committee will begin tackling the
divisive issue today. Some fear if the state doesn’t
establish the health exchanges, the feds will do it.

DENVER (AP) – A proposal granting same-sex couples rights
similar to marriage is being decided by a committee that includes
Republicans from some of Colorado’s most conservative counties.
The bill to allow civil unions in Colorado easily passed the
Senate last week with three Republicans joining all the Democrats
voting for it. But Democrats concede it’s unclear whether it will
make it out of a Republican-led committee which is set to vote on
it Thursday.
Democrats say Senate Bill 172 could clear the House if all
members there are allowed to vote.
Couples in civil unions would have rights similar to married
couples, including the ability to be involved in their partner’s
medical decisions. The bill would enhance inheritance rights and
make it easier for couples to list each other as dependents on
health insurance

DENVER (AP) – A student at the University of Colorado-Denver has
been diagnosed with an active case of tuberculosis and is receiving
University officials tell Denver’s KMGH-TV reports the student
has been isolated. Health officials say the student has a treatable
form of the bacterial disease.
A few students who may have been exposed are being tested. Dr.
Randall Reves of the Denver Health Public Department says
transmission of tuberculosis usually requires more than 100 hours
of continued exposure indoors. He doesn’t anticipate other cases.
The student, whose name wasn’t released, likely will be isolated
for about three weeks.