Glenwood Springs–Governor John Hickenlooper paid a visit
to Glenwood Springs yesterday to talk about his ideas to revive
Colorado’s economy. Hickenlooper is visiting all 64 counties
touting his so-called “Bottom Up” economic plan that calls
for problem solving at the local level with the state’s help.
Georgetown–I-70 will be closed in both directions next Tuesday
and more than likely next Wednesday between Silverthorne
and Empire. C-DOT is closing the interstate near Georgetown
to remove several loose boulders above the road.
State Capitol–A bill that would’ve granted gay couples civil
union status was rejected by a house committee yesterday
at the state capitol. The 6 to 5 vote came after seven hours
of testimony.
Washington, D.C.–Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall says
with rising gas prices America needs to find ways to wean
itself off of foreign oil. Udall is proposing a plan to use
more natural gas and renewable electricity.
DENVER (AP) – Marijuana taxes could save the day for an
endangered drug and alcohol treatment program threatened by state
budget cuts.
A bill cleared for a House debate Friday sends $1 million worth
of sales taxes collected from medical marijuana sales to the Circle
Program at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo. That
program stands to lose $1 million – two-thirds of its funding –
under the budget proposed by Gov. John Hickenlooper.
The House Appropriations Committee voted 7-6 Friday to use pot
taxes to fund the Circle Program.
The marijuana bill also extends a moratorium on new marijuana
dispensaries by a year, to the summer of 2012. It also relaxes
prohibitions on new residents working in dispensaries and makes
other changes to how the business is regulated.