Garco Clerk Embezzler Accused Again

District Attorney Sherry Caloia says a Garfield County Clerk & Recorder’s Office employee convicted of embezzling over $440,000 from the office hid a substantial sum of money in order to prevent it from being seized for restitution.
Caloia announced Sunday that Robin McMillan, who was convicted last year for stealing from the Clerk’s office over a 6-year period, had stashed about $56,000, apparently to prevent it from being discovered by investigators. Acting on a tip, authorities found the money, including $46,000 in cash which was stored in a safe.
The DA’s office also says that McMillan had help in concealing the money, but didn’t say who else might have been involved.
Caloia’s office is working on seizing the money as partial repayment of the extensive multi-year theft.
McMillan was sentenced to 10 years in the Department of Corrections, but successfully appealed the sentence and is set to be resentenced by the Colorado Court of Appeals on September 1st.