Garfield Clean Energy rebate offer

Garfield Clean Energy and Glenwood Springs Electric are offering a new round of rebates to help pay for energy efficiency upgrades.

The rebates can be used by households and businesses from Glenwood Springs to Parachute.

Limited funding is available on a first-come, first served basis.

The energy experts at CLEER can provide free energy coaching to help people plan the most cost-effective energy upgrades and understand rebate offers.

Rebates can be used to help pay for insulation, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, LED lighting and many other options.

Energy efficiency upgrades like these will help reduce utility bills and make your home or business more comfortable year-around.

Businesses can get a free walk-through by an energy coach and recommendations for the most cost-effective upgrades.

In Glenwood Springs, homeowners and renters can get a free Energy Smart home assessment with a visit from an energy coach.

Glenwood Springs Electric customers can also reserve a rebate for installing solar electric systems on a home or business.

For more information, contact CLEER at 704-9200 or visit the website Garfield Clean Energy dot ORG.