Garfield County Approves 1041 Mining Regulations

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—The Garfield County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved new mining regulations using it’s authority granted by the state’s 1041 powers. After a lengthy presentation from staff members and attorney Barbara Green, the board went along with the recommendation of the county planning commission to multiple amendments for Article 14 of the Garfield County Land Use and Development code of 2013. The changes are expected to have a direct impact on the limestone quarry expansion plans being proposed by Rocky Mountain Industries of Beverly Hills, California. Under the 1041 powers the county can deny mining applications based on several factors; financial burden and local economy impacts, recreational opportunity impacts, workforce housing, technical and financial feasibility, visual quality, air and water quality, wildlife impacts and fire protection.  The approval of the new mining regulations allowed the board to then remove the temporary mining moratorium.