Garfield County Commissioners ask for State Variance

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—Colorado Governor Jared Polis and the state health department will soon be getting an urgent request from Garfield County to ease up on the current COVID-19 restrictions.  This afternoon, during a special one-hour public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners all signed a 30-page variance request to allow 50 percent of normal seating capacity for restaurants for indoor and outdoor service, churches, gyms, and fitness.  The request also calls for restrictions to be partially lifted for recreation areas, outfitters, and large tourist attractions like the Hot Springs Pool and the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  In each case, social distancing plans and other health department guidelines are to be followed while the COVID-19 numbers are monitored daily.  The board didn’t approve the variance request until it received the endorsement of Garfield County Public Health Director Yvonne Long.  Long says the growth of cases has steadily declined since it spiked in March. As long as businesses stick to the plan to keep customers and employees safe, Garfield County will be able to meet all the criteria.