Garfield County COVID-19 Update

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—The pandemic has health officials putting in a lot of long, hard hours. Garfield County Public Health Director Yvonne Long says her department is working diligently with local hospitals and the state to report accurate numbers in an effort to track the virus, limit the spread and flatten the curve. She says once a person tests positive for the virus, her department begins a case investigation. “We find out everything there is to know about that person about when they first started getting sick, where they were, what they did two days prior to that, were they at work, what is their living situation like.”  Long says the goal is to reach out to everyone the infected person may have had contact with. Long also says proper testing is the key to getting a leg up on the virus and eventually reopening communities for business and normal activity. Garfield County is currently reporting 71 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Pitkin County sits at 57 while Eagle County has 486.