Garfield County not Revealing Towns for Positive COVID Tests

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—It may be an invisible enemy but many anxious people still want to know if anyone in their community or neighborhood has tested positive for coronavirus.  In medical circles, there’s no chance that information will be divulged. Carrie Godes with the Garfield County Public Health Department says she doesn’t even bother asking the question. “It’s probably better for me not to know about the specific municipalities.  That is really to protect these individuals.”  Given the rapid spread of the virus, Godes says it is accurate and wise to assume Covid-19 is a valley-wide issue and no one is immune.  The coronavirus count in the tri-county area is climbing. It now sits at 124 with 96 in Eagle County, 18 in Pitkin County and 10 positive cases in Garfield County.