Garfield Sheriff Cuts Animal Control From Budget

Glenwood Springs—Animal control is being dropped by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Lou Vallario was forced to cut the half-million-dollar program from his 2021 budget.  He says when he decided to cut the popular program it was painful.  He brought the program back in 2004.  “It’s been hugely successful in the county. Everything from getting licensing to getting control of feral animals, providing for folks to get vaccines and spay and neuter programs.”  Vallario says his first priority to the county is for the safety of the citizens and his deputies.  He was forced to cut a little over one million dollars and unfortunately, animal control represented almost half of that amount.  Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) Executive Director Wes Boyd was disappointed by the news.  He says he has come to depend heavily on the county’s animal control deputies and the services provided. Vallario says despite the five percent cut, when it comes to aggressive animals or if someone is bitten, the Sheriff’s Office will still handle enforcement.