GJ Teen Killed, Suspect Arrested

A 20-year-old Colorado man has been ordered held without bail after being charged with shooting two 17-year-old girls in Grand Junction, this past weekend. One of the girls was killed

Israel Jerome Massingill did not enter pleas Monday to the charges of first-degree murder or second-degree murder in the death of Kiera Quintana, who was shot in the head early Sunday in the parking lot of the Orchard Mesa City Market. He also was charged with assault, menacing and domestic violence for injuries to the other girl.

District Judge Craig Henderson ordered Massingill to have no contact with Quintana’s parents or the girl who survived the shooting.

Authorities have released little information about the events leading up to the shooting,but they are asking for the public to be on the lookout for the murder weapon. Although Massingill was arrested just a few hours after the shooting, investigators say that he did not have a firearm when he was taken into custody. Police are concerned that if Massingill ditched the gun, it might fall into the wrong hands, or possibly be found by a child – so they have asked residents to call 911 immediately if they find a handgun.

Public defender Clinton Knorpp reserved Massingill’s right to argue for setting a bond at a later hearing. Massingill’s next court appearance is set for July 26.