Glenwood City Council Asks for Tony Hershey’s Resignation

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—In a scathing rebuke, Glenwood Springs City Councilman Tony Hershey was asked to resign during last night’s virtual meeting. Each member of the council read portions of a letter filled with accusations and allegations of misconduct and abusive behavior.

Mayor Pro Tem Shelly Kaup says Hershey repeatedly interrupted a May 14th Executive Session by calling City Manager Debra Figueroa and City Attorney Karl Hanlon liars and ignored the Mayor’s gavel to restore order.  Councilman Steve Davis says Hershey has routinely skipped work sessions and disrupted meetings.

Mayor Jonathan Godes accuses Hershey of creating a “toxic culture and spawning a hostile workplace for the city staff and fellow councilors.”  Godes says Hershey at one point called his fellow councilors “f-ing idiots.”

The council may not be above reproach however according to Deputy District Attorney Zach Parsons. Parsons addressed the discord and hard feelings among council members during the citizen comment period. Parsons says thanks to the Colorado Open Records Act, he discovered and revealed emails exchanged between council members and Figueroa that looked like a scheme to get rid of Hershey.

Hershey only offered one brief comment, “If mistakes were made I certainly apologize but I haven’t had a chance to make a formal response. The City Attorney has advised me that I can’t print a formal response but when it comes you’ll see it, but, no I’m not resigning, so thank you.”   The city council’s next meeting is June 4th. Whether six members will be present for roll call that night or seven remains to be seen.