Glenwood Police Investigate Peeping Tom/Trespasser Reports

The Glenwood Springs Police Department is investigating a series of peeping tom and trespassing events that have occurred in downtown residential areas.  Chief Terry Wilson says suspects were seen with a digital camera outside a window, crouching in bushes with a cell phone and this morning, a woman called police to report a man had entered her residence through an unlocked second story window.  The suspect left the victim’s residence this morning after being ordered to by the victim.

Wilson says descriptions of the suspect vary greatly, which is common for the type of crime, but he says officers believe all three incidents are connected.  Police intend to use several different tactics to try to catch the suspect.

Even though all the incidents so far occurred in the downtown core, residents in all areas are encouraged to exercise vigilance and call the Glenwood Springs Police Department immediately if they see suspicious activity at 970-384-6500.