Glenwood Shell is Closed for Good

Wednesday, March 11th at 3:03 pm, the last in a long line of loyal customers filled up with gas at one of Glenwood Springs’ most visible businesses. Whether it was I-70 Chevron, Amoco, BP or Glenwood Shell, the 24-hour, full service station was one of the first places you ‘d see getting on or off the interstate.  To locals it was Greg and Theresa Beightel‘s place for 34 years.

Fittingly, Greg chose to give the full-service treatment to his last customer and longtime friend and business neighbor, Dennis Bader.


Beightel is having to call it quits to make way for the new Grand Avenue Bridge.  The plans call for leveling the station a the busy corner of 6th and Laurel to improve traffic flow between the interstate, West Glenwood and downtown.

Bader says it’s sad to see any local business close.


Theresa Beightel has been by Greg’s side through the good times and the rough times. She‘s held down the fort many nights when Greg got called out in the middle of a snowy night to give someone a tow. She says she’s going to miss the customers.


Greg looks at the bright side. Transportation, the very industry that he helped fuel for over three decades is now forcing him to cross a bridge of his own a little sooner than expected… to retirement.


The last order of business was posting signs on all the pumps:

Glenwood Shell Pump Notice