Glenwood Springs City Council Votes to Open 7th Street

Glenwood Springs—Restaurant row will be opened to traffic. After a lengthy discussion and debate and several citizens weighing in, the Glenwood Springs city council decided to open the new and aesthetically pleasing 7th Street.  The 4 to 3 council  vote went against the recommendation of city engineer Teri Partch to keep the street closed to traffic.  She says after consulting with acting Police Chief Bill Kimminau and other officials, it was determined that the small but popular street remain open for pedestrians only.  Partch says public safety was the determining factor.  The ratio of citizens in favor of opening 7th Street to those pushing for banning vehicles was about 5 to 1.  Mayor pro tem Shelly Kaup made the motion to open 7th Street to honor the original plan and promise made by the Downtown Development Authority and it’s late director, Leslie Bethel.  Initially, Kaup asked that the city open the street within 48 hours but amended her motion to say, “as soon as possible.”  This allows city staff to do striping for disabled parking and possibly signs posting a very slow speed limit.  To the relief of Glenwood’s most popular restaurants, 7th Street should reopen to traffic well before the autumn leaves.