Glenwood Springs Court Win in RMI Suit

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—It’s a small victory for the city of Glenwood Springs in the overall war against the quarry expansion. Today, 9th Judicial District Court Judge Anne Norrdin granted the city’s motion to intervene in Rocky Mountain Industries’ lawsuit against Garfield County.  The Bevery Hills, California-based company claims the county has no regulatory authority over it’s limestone quarry operation.  In his motion to intervene, Glenwood Springs City Attorney Karl Hanlon argued that the county has concurrent regulatory authority while the city also has it’s own propietary interests outside the county’s purview.  Judge Norrdin agreed saying, “the city’s interests are particular to Glenwood Springs, it’s location relative to the quarry, it’s open spaces and road maintenance, police and emergency services it provides in the area at it’s own expense.”  Hanlon says today’s decision is a crucial first step but, “we have a long road ahead of us to protect the city and it’s citizens.”