Glenwood Springs Election Results

Street Tax Questions Defeated

No new taxes in Glenwood Springs.  60 percent of the voters rejected ballot issues A and B in Tuesday’s municipal elections. Ballot issue A would have raised sales taxes by 3/4 of a cent to pay for the city’s deteriorating streets.  Ballot issue B called for a 56 million dollar bond against the new tax revenue to speed up the repair process that will now be on hold while the new city council decides on another plan.

City Council Races

-At Large:

Tony Hershey—-1,000 votes

Jim Ingraham—-584 votes

Erika Gibson——461 votes

Ward 3

Charlie Willman—–207 votes

Jennifer Vanian—–155 votes

Ksana Oglesby——45 votes

Ward 4

Paula Stepp (unopposed)….293 votes

Ward 1

Steve Davis (incumbent unopposed)….274 votes