John Martin Preparing For a Seventh & Final Term

GLENWOOD SPRINGS—With a margin of 517 votes, John Martin is confident the citizens have reelected him as Garfield County Commissioner in District 2. Martin once again was able to hold off a fierce and worthy challenger on election night. Democrat Beatriz Soto jumped out to an early and sizable lead that she maintained until Martin started gradually pulling away. Martin says he lives for close races. “I figure that you don’t want to be leading too far, you want to start from behind and then you want to come slowly to the top. Don’t go to bed thinking that you’re a winner, because sometimes you lose.”  Martin says despite being attacked in political ads, he refused to strike back, but instead relied on his track record of fiscal conservatism and integrity.  He says in addition to working for the citizens of Garfield County, he also plans to groom a few strong candidates over the next three or four years to take his place. In the meantime, with about 500 ballots that still have to be ‘cured’ by the county for various reasons by November 12th, Beatriz Soto says she is not ready to concede the race just yet.