Kane Brown’s “Heaven” is a Mexican restaurant on the outskirts of Nashville

ABC/Image Group LA

Kane Brown enjoys the second number one hit of his career this week, as “Heaven” ascends to the top of the country chart. It’s a song that was inspired by Kane missing his fiancée, Katelyn Jae, while he was on tour. 

“You know, she didn’t come on the road with me a lot last year,” he tells ABC Radio. “You know, that was like my safe place was being at home with her and my dogs, and [I wrote the song] especially to say, ‘Life can’t get better, and this is perfect.'” 

Even though he now has a platinum album and multi-platinum singles to his credit, Kane admits his idea of “Heaven” is still pretty simple. 

“You know, hanging out with my fiancée, the dogs, going to a movie,” he explains. “We have this little Mexican restaurant that we always go to in Mt. Juliet. We actually did it last night. It’s our spot to go to. It’s called Don Pancho. It’s right by the Walmart in Mt. Juliet.”  

Mt. Juliet is one of the suburbs on the outskirts of Nashville. This weekend, Kane travels to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, where he’ll compete for Top Country Artist, Top Country Album, and Top Country Song for “What Ifs,” his first #1 with Lauren Alaina.

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