KMTS Christmas Special Christmas Memories

Steve and Jeannie Beckley reminisce about their first Christmas with their son and showing him the Santa Tracker from NORAD.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we often forget what Christmas is really about; Jim Combs reminds us of what this holiday is truly about with a story of how he and his family helped out another family by doing a ” Twelve Days of Christmas” secret Santa.

Sean Jeung recalls the memory of writing letters to Santa as well as leaving out cookies and listening to her mother read “The Gift of the Magi.”

Scott Duck tells us a story about his first Christmas with his wife.

Jeanine Ford Artaz takes us back to December 7, 1941 to the bombing of Pearl Harbor with this beautiful, but sad  story.

Kathy Fangman tells the history of the candy cane and the advent calendar.

Don Chaney recalls going to Southern California and spending time with family. He recalls playing games with cousins and his uncle throwing rocks onto the roof so that it sounded like reindeer hoofs.

Gabe Chenoweth recalls Christmas Day being the one day a year where the whole family got together and shared traditions passed on from generation to generation.

Ron Milhorn recalls Christmas of 1994 being one of the most trying yet joyous times in his family’s life.

Nicollette Touisant tells us a story called “The Bone of Christmas Past”, a story of the year she broke her leg in a skiing accident.