Law Enforcement Agencies Warn of Vehicle Break-Ins

Pitkin County, Colorado – February 26, 2014 – The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Town of Snowmass Village Police Department received information on Wednesday February 26, 2014 of a series of vehicle break-ins. According to information provided to law enforcement, at least 10 vehicles have had valuable items taken from inside them while left unlocked, parked overnight. There have been no reports of damage to the vehicles; however several hundreds of dollars of personal items are believed to be missing from multiple cars. The areas where the break-ins occurred have been preliminarily identified as residential areas, one in Pitkin County (the North 40) and three in the Town of Snowmass Village (Woodbridge, Fairway Three, and Meadow Ranch/Sinclair Meadows.)

Law enforcement officials wish to remind the public to lock their vehicles when they are not in use. As always, if you see any type of suspicious activity immediately call 911. If any member of the public has information about this current series of break-ins and/or believes there are items missing from within their vehicle they may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency by calling the Aspen/Pitkin County Communications Center at (970) 920-5310.