New Charges for GWS Woman

The legal problems keep coming for a Glenwood Springs woman charged in an allegedly drug-related night in Aspen last month that ended up with several vehicles being either mishandled, stolen, or crashed.

24-year-old Elizabeth Bergquist initially claimed that her 2006 Chevy Malibu had been stolen when it was found in a pond at Aspen Meadows, but later admitted to authorities that she had accidentally backed into the pond, and then got into a hotel van to keep warm. That van was later found crashed into a wall by a hotel employee. Police found Berquist’s socks, keys and a small marijuana container in the van.

Bergquist claimed that after she moved the van, she caught a downvalley bus to Glenwood Springs, but investigators now say that isn’t true. A second hotel van was also reported missing and was eventually found in downtown Aspen. Authorities say that Bergquist also stole that van, which has resulted in a new charge of aggravated motor vehicle theft being added to a long laundry list of charges that also includes false reporting, failure to report an accident, trespassing and driving with a revoked license. In addition to the new vehicle theft charge, Bergquist is also being charged with posession of LSD after investigators found the drug among the items she left behind in the vans.