New Land Use Code Amendments Encourage Greenhouses

(Aspen, CO – January 27, 2014) Beginning February 1st it will be easier to build a greenhouse in Pitkin County and local officials hope that translates into more local food production. Land Use Code Regulations have been amended to provide exemptions for greenhouses from floor area calculations and the site plan review process.

“We hope that these amendments to the Land Use Code for greenhouses will inspire more local food production and make it easier for extended season and year-round growing,” said Senior Planner, Suzanne Wolff.

The need for Land Use Code Amendments related to greenhouses was identified during a 2010 Caucus Roundtable discussion with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). Local food growers asked the County to provide incentives for greenhouses to encourage local food production.  The greenhouse amendments received final approval in December 2013.

“Beginning in February greenhouses will be exempt from floor area based on lot size – ranging from 320 square feet on a lot of less than one acre to 1,600 square feet on a lot of 35 acres or more.  In addition, qualifying projects may be able to skip our Site Plan Review process altogether,” Wolff said.

Greenhouses in excess of 3,000 square feet will require Special Review by the BOCC. A summary of the Land Use Code amendments for greenhouses can be found online at: