Aspen—It’s been over two years since passengers on a RAFTA bus were injured in a crash involving a tractor-trailer on Highway 82. Today marks their first day in court to find out who was at fault in the October 26th, 2013 rollover accident near Catherine Store.  According to reports, the RAFTA driver, Jaime Nunez, was headed down valley from Aspen to Glenwood in the right lane when a slow-moving tractor hauling heavy equipment turned onto the highway and forced the bus driver to swerve out of the way at 60 miles an hour.  The quick maneuver sent the bus halfway into the median and across both lanes in a clockwise spin before flipping on it’s side and ejecting several passengers.  Six of the 11 passengers on board were injured including three seriously.  For the next two weeks, the jury will hear arguments and consider evidence to determine if Nunez was at fault in the accident or the tractor driver, Travis Wingfield.  Damages will be assessed during a separate trial. 

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