CARBONDALE. (AP) — Police arrested four young men accused of robbing a Carbondale marijuana shop as employees unlocked the door.The men were arrested after a manhunt by Carbondale police, Garfield County sheriff’s deputies and officers from the Glenwood Springs Police Department.Police say two of the men went inside Sweet Leaf Pioneer pot shop on Village Road Monday as the store’s sole employee was opening for the day. The men held the worker at gunpoint and took about $3,500 worth of marijuana, marijuana concentrate and accessories as wells as about $1,000 in cash.The other two men were in the vehicle with the suspects at the time of their arrest and police say they were involved in the heist.


GRAND JUNCTION (AP) — A Mesa County school board has voted to keep one of its members despite an ongoing legal challenge to his eligibility to campaign for the seat. Palisade High School math teacher and football coach Paul Pitton will continue to serve his term on the District 51 Board of Education, barring an intervention by the Colorado Supreme Court.Pitton was elected to the board when his residence was outside of the district to which he was elected. It was determined during the campaign that he was not a qualified candidate for the race.The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday as to Pitton’s eligibility.At a school board meeting Tuesday, the board unanimously declined to take action to remove Pitton.


ASPEN (AP) — A homeless man trying to survive in Aspen, finally has some cash in his pocket after buying a winning lottery ticket, a lot of cash. 61 year old Michael Engfors paid $10 for the scratch ticket last Friday and slept at a shelter over the weekend before cashing it in on Monday. Engfors, a builder who fell on hard times during the recession, tried to keep his good luck a secret and turned down several requests to talk about it. But word of the win quickly spread around town. The director of the Aspen Homeless Shelter, Vince Savage, who drove Engfors to the lottery office, says he collected between $300,000 and $400,000 after taxes. He says Engfors plans to use his winnings to find his long-lost adult daughter.

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