Glenwood Springs—Garfield County officials say the need for a detox center is critical.  Currently, local law enforcement officers have to send intoxicated individuals to neighboring communities with proper detox facilities.  The biggest obstacle is funding.  Silt Police Chief Levy Burris suggests a small sales tax to be earmarked for a detox center.

Glenwood Springs—Garfield county is considering a switch to bi-weekly pay periods for employees who say once a month is a financial burden.  It wouldn’t happen until 2017.  County Finance Director Anne Driggers says making the switch would be a challenge for her department and human resources but it would be worthwhile in the long run.  She says according to a county survey, over 60 percent of employees favored a bi-weekly pay schedule.

VAIL (AP) β€” CDOT plans to allow drivers heading east to Denver on Interstate 70 to test out the new tolled express lane for free this weekend. Work on the 13-mile stretch of road from Empire to Idaho Springs has been completed and is set to open tomorrow. Drivers can use the lane for free this weekend. Fees will range from $3 to $30, depending on traffic, once the testing period is over.

DENVER (AP) β€” The University of Colorado Hospital has performed the state’s first bionic eye transplant, enabling a woman to see her son for the first time in 15 years. Jamie Carley of Johnstown was given a new vision system in five hours of surgery last month. Doctors placed a microchip in the retina of one eye. A pair of glasses equipped with a small camera transmits video to the microchip, stimulating her optic nerve.