DENVER (AP) – A Colorado bank for marijuana businesses is asking a federal judge for access to the nation’s banking system. Colorado chartered a special marijuana credit union last year because larger banks frequently shut down accounts tied to an industry that is still illegal under federal law. But the U.S. Federal Reserve has kept the Colorado pot bank from being able to access the nation’s banking system. That’s because the Federal Reserve says the pot bank is too risky.

GRAND JUNCTION (AP) – Grand Junction Regional Airport officials say they’ll look at passenger safety after a portion of an air duct fell from the terminal ceiling. No one was hurt when the duct fell Sunday. Officials say the wintertime freeze-thaw cycle likely caused the duct to fall.

VAIL (AP) – Vail Mountain resort plans to increase the amount of snow it grooms for skiing. The plan is to groom an additional 2,000 acres of mountain terrain per week and increase the frequency of grooming in certain areas.

DENVER (AP) – Denver International Airport says Sunday was its seventh-busiest day ever and the Transportation Security Administration says they were unprepared for the flood of travelers. A TSA spokesman says the airlines did not tell them about dozens of extra flights late Saturday and early Sunday, so they didn’t have enough staff on hand.