Glenwood Springs/Rifle—A Glenwood Springs High School student is being investigated by local police and the RE-1 School District for allegedly threatening another student with violence.  According to police reports, the threats were overheard Tuesday afternoon by other students who then notified authorities.   The student suspected of making the threats has been banned from the campus in the meantime.

Meanwhile, rumors of threats in the Garfield RE-2 School District were exactly that…rumors. School district officials say the rumor mill began churning through social media.  Authorities say no threats were ever made and Tuesday classes were held as usual. Officials say in the event of any threat or danger, the district notifies parents and the community through an auto-dialer and e-mail system on the district website.


Topeka, Kansas—Colorado marijuana is “permeating” every part of Kansas according to the Sunflower state’s top law enforcement official.  Attorney General Derek Schmidt says according to a recent survey taken by over 300 law enforcement agencies and 70 prosecutors, high grade weed from Colorado has rapidly replaced the low grade product from Mexico and the homegrown plants.  Schmidt says the study also found a significant rise in marijuana edibles, waxes and oils coming from Colorado into Kansas.  Schmidt accuses the federal government for breaking it’s promise to prevent Colorado pot from moving into neighboring states.


Boise, Idaho—Wildfire seasons in the west are getting longer and more destructive according to a new forest fire study.  Researchers from the University of Idaho and Columbia University found over 10 million acres of forest land was destroyed between 1984 and 2015 and in most cases, humans are to blame.  The study revealed that longer and hotter dry spells are causing forests in the Western United States to dry out and become more susceptible to wildfires over a longer period of time.  Researchers allege human-caused global warming is the culprit in the wildfire increase.