Glenwood Springs—Garfield County Commission Chairman John Martin, who is seeking an unprecedented sixth term in office, is facing the biggest battle of his political life.  During last night’s Issues and Answers forum before a standing-room-only crowd at the Glenwood Springs City Hall council chambers, the longtime commissioner used his allotted two minute opening statement to announce that the local Democrat party, led by Chairman Bob Shively, presented him with the threat of an indictment for malfeasance and misuse of public funds.  Martin was visibly shaken and upset by the lengthy list of allegations  which include accusations of holding illegal meetings, violating the Sunshine Law, poor stewardship regarding so-called illegal property acquisitions and taking money for unrelated county business, specifically about 18-hundred dollars for meals.  Martin says during the recorded meeting with attorneys present, he was given ultimatums to step down as commissioner without a Republican replacement for the election and move to Delta County where he has a small produce farm.  Martin says non of the accusations are true and he has no intention to give in to their demands.  He says he may consider filing charges against the group for illegally threatening and intimidating an elected official. Martin’s Democrat opponent, John Acha, seemed surprised by the announcement and said he was not at the meeting.


Glenwood Springs—The eastbound I-70 on ramp at exit 114 will be closed all day tomorrow for road work. C-DOT says from 10 am to 8 pm, the ramp closure will allow crews to complete some road work as part of the 114 improvement project.  Tomorrow, motorists should plan on using the main Glenwood exit 116 to Highway 6 and Devereaux Road to get to West Glenwood Springs.


Grand Junction—Grand Junction is getting a brand new, 3.5 million dollar outdoor entertainment center.  The Grand Junction City Council approved contracts for the Las Colonias Amphitheater.  The approval was made despite the city’s continued economic woes because according to City Manager Greg Canton, the budget already allocates money for the project which will be done in three phases using local companies.  The new amphitheater will be done by next fall.