Statewide—The drive home today is going to be treacherous for most of Colorado.  C-DOT is sending out a warning and encouraging motorists to prepare for extreme winter driving conditions.  Officials say flash freezing conditions are a big concern as the rain we’ve been getting will quickly turn to ice as the mercury drops.  Poor visibility will also be a problem with blowing snow in wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour.   In the northwest region, mountain passes over 8 thousand feet are expected to receive up to two feet of snow. Forecasters with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center are calling for increased danger in the high country.  Motorists need to be aware of Colorado’s tougher traction law that requires snow tires, tires with a mud and snow designation or a four-wheel drive vehicle with adequate tread on the tires.  If you’re headed to the front range and the metro area, snow and blowing snow is expected to slam the area.