Glenwood Springs—The Colorado Department of Transportation wants to reach out to commuters when the new Grand Avenue Bridge is replaced in the spring of 2017.  C-DOT is in the early stages of putting together of an aggressive public relations campaign to keep people informed about road and street closures and detours during the 90 day period.  C-DOT Region 3 Communications Director Tracy Trulove says one idea under consideration is the formation of a citizens’ communications task force.

Undated—Colorado’s chain law will apply to anyone driving along the I-70 mountain corridor under a bill that’s being sponsored by western slope lawmakers Bob Rankin and Diane Mitch-Bush.  House Bill 1173 will require all motor vehicles to have chains or tires with adequate tread traveling  between Morrison and Dotsero from May 1st to November 15th.  Rankin says the measure is meant to reduce the number of mishaps and major road closures during the winter.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado is facing first-of-its kind lawsuits from marijuana opponents who are asking a federal judge to order the new recreational industry to close. The owners of a mountain hotel and a horse farm argue in lawsuits filed today that Colorado’s 2012 marijuana-legalization measure has hurt their property. The lawsuits say that the marijuana industry is stinky and attracts unsavory visitors.

DENVER (AP) – Bullying on social media would be penalized with a misdemeanor harassment charge and possible jail time with a bill approved by Colorado House lawmakers. The bill passed the chamber today on a bipartisan 43-22 vote. But some Republicans who opposed the bill worry the proposal is overbroad and could unintentionally chill free speech.

DENVER (AP) – Senate Republicans approved legislation to let adults 21 and over carry a concealed gun without a permit. Republicans argue that a constitutional right should not be subjected to a permitting process. But Democrats say getting a permit that includes handgun education is important to public safety. The bill now heads to the Democrat-led House, where it is likely to be rejected.