Glenwood Springs—In six short months, the daily commute in, around and through Glenwood Springs is going to become a major challenge with the old Grand Avenue Bridge giving way to the new one.  The big day is August 14th.  Public Information Director Kathleen Wanatowicz says the message to everyone during the 95 day closure and detour is to avoid the peak hours of 6:30 am to 9 am and afternoons from 3:30 to 6 pm.  She says to help ease traffic congestion and detours, the community is coming together.  Wanatowicz says several local businesses and organizations are working to provide so-called “Park and Pool” locations in strategic zones around the area where people can carpool and park for the duration of the project.  She says Wal Mart in Glenwood Springs has offered to be a park and pool location while other properties are being discussed.


Meeker—Mules or a helicopter.  The U.S. Forest decided it would be faster and more efficient to remove the wreckage of a small plane from the Flat Tops Wilderness with a chopper. The plane that crashed a little over a month ago was airlifted out of the area.  The plane was carrying a couple from Colorado Springs when it made a rough landing near McGinnis Lake .  A medical helicopter rescued them and they were treated for a mild case of hypothermia.  The couple endured subzero temperatures.


Palisade—The spring-like weather in western Colorado hasn’t been too peachy for summer fruit growers in Palisade.  Farmers in the Grand Valley say cherries and apricots are already starting to bud and the region’s famous peaches may be following soon. According to Bruce Talbott, owner of Talbott’s Mountain Gold, peaches and other fruit are at higher risk for damage if temperatures dip below freezing.   He says when the mercury fluctuates from warm to cold, growing fruit becomes more of a challenge.  Talbott and other farmers are bracing for another cold front later this week.  March and April are typically the snowiest months of the year in Colorado.