CRMS Grad Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Dies in Avalanche

Carbondale—A renowned mountain climber and outdoor adventurist from Carbondale who took his own life after his girlfriend died in an avalanche last weekend in Montana, left exact directions for recovery teams to find her body.  According to a letter left behind by 27 year old Hayden Kennedy, he survived the slide but, “not the unbearable loss of his partner in life,” 23 year old Inge Perkins of Bozeman.  Officials with the National Forest Avalanche Center in Bozeman say Kennedy didn’t call 911 to report the slide but he did leave behind a detailed and well thought out note that included GPS coordinates of where it occurred.  Just two weeks prior, Kennedy wrote on a climbing blog that he had watched too many friends die in the mountains over the last few years.  Authorities found his body last Sunday in Bozeman.  Hayden Kennedy graduated from Colorado Rocky Mountain School in 2009.