Colorado Rocky Mountain School to Host Memorial For Renowned Climber

Carbondale—When he graduated from Colorado Rocky Mountain School in 2009, teachers and classmates knew he was destined for great heights. Hayden Michael Kennedy certainly reached those heights as an accomplished, adventurous and respected mountain climber.  This weekend, his mother, father and many friends will gather at CRMS to remember Hayden.  The 27 year old Carbondale native and outdoor enthusiast took his own life after surviving an avalanche that killed his girlfriend, 23 year old Inge Perkins.  The two had been skiing on Imp Peak in southwestern Montana October 7th when they triggered the slide at an elevation of 10,000 feet.  According to reports, Kennedy couldn’t find her body and hiked out for help.  Authorities found Kennedy dead in his residence on October 8th with a suicide note saying he couldn’t go on without her.  Perkin’s body was recovered from the avalanche the next day.  Kennedy’s memorial is scheduled for this Saturday, November 4th at CRMS.  According to a statement from his family, the service will be brodcast on YouTube 90 minutes after it ends.