Caucuses Set for Tuesday

Garfield County—Tomorrow begins what is expected to be a contentious, lively mid-term election year. It’s caucus day in Colorado when the two major political parties choose their delegates for next month’s party assemblies.  Given the hot, political climate and the divide between the two parties seemingly growing larger, the Democrats are expected to fight hard to regain some seats lost in the last election.  Democrat caucuses will be held at Carbondale Middle School for precincts 1 through 4.  Precincts 5-12 will be held at the Glenwood Springs Library, 13-15 at the New Castle Community Center, 16-18 at the Silt Library, 19-23 at the Rifle Library and precincts 24-27 at the Parachute Library.  Republican party precincts 1-4 will meet at Roaring Fork High School, 5-12 at the Glenwood Springs Community Center,  13-18 at Coal Ridge High School, 19-23 at the Garfield County Fairgrounds and 24-27 at the Grand Valley Recreation Center. The caucuses begin at 7 pm.  Primary elections will be held June 26th.