VAIL (AP) – A Colorado judge has agreed to move a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Vail Resorts from Broomfield to Eagle County to be closer to the site of the accident.The parents of 13-year-old Taft Conlin are seeking damages after their son died in an avalanche while skiing in January 2012.  Conlin died in an avalanche on upper Prima Cornice on the front side of Vail Mountain.  His parents sued, saying the company didn’t close the run despite the avalanche danger. They say Vail violated the Colorado Ski Safety Act when it closed the top gate to Prima Cornice but not the lower gate. Vail Resorts’ attorney Robert Blume says Conlin took an inappropriate risk. Damages could be more than $700,000.


CENTENNIAL (AP) – The jury in the Aurora theater shooting trial returned to deliberations today to consider whether prosecutors have met their burden in proving James Holmes was capable of knowing right from wrong and therefore legally sane under Colorado law. Jurors must pore over thousands of pieces of evidence and 11 weeks of testimony to make their decision.

DENVER (AP) – A Denver firefighter injured after falling through a skylight last month has died.  The Denver Fire Department says John Whelan died last night after going to the hospital for shortness of breath and then going into cardiac arrest. Whelan was checking to make sure a fire in a Dumpster hadn’t spread to a nearby building when he fell through the skylight on June 23.

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) – A Colorado Springs woman wants compensation from the city after she was thrown to the ground in handcuffs when she kicked an officer in the groin – an incident recorded on surveillance video. Alexis Acker wants $500,000 for injuries to her face, head, teeth and jaw.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado prosecutors want Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson to use an alcohol monitoring device after he was arrested on suspicion of DUI for a second time this year. Lawson was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday and is scheduled to stand trial in a Denver DUI case next month. After his January arrest in Denver, Lawson was ordered not to drink alcohol and not violate any laws as part of his bond.