Glenwood Springs—The search is still on for the El Salvadoran man suspected of stabbing two Mexican men Sunday around midnight near the Grand Avenue bridge.  According to reports from the Glenwood Springs Police Department, one man was stabbed in the abdomen but neither man suffered life-threatening injuries.  Investigators say it appears the altercation at 6th Street and Grand Avenue escalated after the men traded ethnic insults.    


Glenwood Springs—Two groups are questioning proposals from oil and companies that want to swap operations from the Thompson Divide area to parts of western Colorado. The Grand Junction Audubon Society and North Fork Valley’s Citizens for a Healthy Community group are concerned the swaps shift environmental issues rather than solving them.     The groups are worried about impacts to aspen forests and a type of swallow that inhabits them called the western purple martin. Advocates are working to protect the mostly-leased Thompson Divide from drilling.  SG Interests wants to swap its leases for land in Delta, Mesa and Gunnison counties. Ursa Resources is proposing a Thompson Divide swap for land in Rio Blanco County.  The exchanges must be approved by Congress.


BOULDER (AP) – A judge has denied a motion from the defense attorneys of a Longmont woman accused of cutting another woman’s unborn baby from her womb to impose a gag order on the Boulder District Attorney’s Office, police and witnesses. Dynel Lane is charged with attempted murder and several other felony counts in the attack on Michelle Wilkins on March 18. Wilkins survived, but her baby did not.

DENVER (AP) – The Denver District Attorney’s Office has announced it will not file charges against the officer who shot and killed a man suspected of stabbing his mother. In a letter released yesterday, DA Mitch Morrissey said investigators found Paul Castaway was suicidal and a danger to Officer Michael Traudt during the July 12 incident.

DENVER (AP) – A federal judge has approved a plan for an environmental review at another northwestern Colorado coal mine. Yesterday’s order accepts a deal negotiated by the Trapper Mine, environmentalists and regulators that calls for a review to be done by the end of April with monthly status updates from the mine.