Basalt–The popular shooting range in Basalt is closed for the time being. Officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife decided to close it after last Saturday’s wildfire burned about two acres on a hillside behind the range. Crews are going to use heavy equipment to create a firebreak and a natural backstop to prevent future fires.

Washington, D.C,–The U. S. Forest Service is suspending the policy of allowing small fires to burn in remote areas while fighting larger fires. Forest Service spokesman Joe Walsh says the agency wants to put fires out as soon as possible so they don’t get out of control.

Aspen–Pitkin County Commissioners are asking C-DOT to keep big rigs off of Independence Pass. The effort to keep semis off the narrow, two lane pass comes after a truck slid off the road last month and shut down both lanes for several hours.

Grand Junction–President Barack Obama is coming back to western Colorado tonight. The President is scheduled to speak at Grand Junction High School at 5:30. It’s his first visit to the Western Slope since 2009.