News, December 18th


Glenwood Springs–Last week’s massive Roaring Fork Valley-wide drug bust continues to grow. The number of alleged suspects now stands at 16 with five more that are still wanted. The two latest suspects to be charged turned themselves in including Hugo Delgado and a 17 year old Glenwood Springs High School student. The 17 year old is one of three juveniles tied to the drug ring. Delgado also has a federal hold for being in the country illegally. The charges are still being sorted out by the District Attorney’s office and are expected to include distribution of muchrooms, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription drugs. The drug bust was the culmination of a 9-month undercover investigation conducted by TRIDENT, the Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team. The bust also involved dealing guns but authorities say the weapons sales were deemed legal.


Glenwood Springs–Planned Parenthood of Glenwood Springs will have to do business with a little less government money next year. The Garfield County Board of Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to deny a 5 thousand dollar Human Services Grant for 2013. Commission chairman John Martin made the motion to deny the fund request saying the national organization should be able to make up the difference. Commissioner Tom Jankovsky cast the dissenting vote saying the county should stick with it’s committment to Planned Parenthood. Officials with the organization were disappointed with the decision and said the money had nothing to do with abortion services.


DENVER (AP) – Colorado is having its worst whooping cough season in at least six decades. The state health department announced Tuesday that 1,407 cases were reported as of Dec. 8. That’s the highest number on record since 1948, when 1,833 cases were reported. One person died of whooping cough in October, an older adult from Larimer County. That’s the first death from whooping cough in Colorado since 2005, when two infants died. Whooping cough is officially known as pertussis. It’s a contagious illness that is spread by sneezes and coughs and is usually most dangerous for babies and children.
The health department recommends that all adults and children receive the whooping cough booster vaccine known as Tdap in addition to getting a flu shot this year. Immunity to the disease wanes over time.


DENVER (AP) – Winter storm warnings and a blizzard watch are in effect for most of Colorado. The National Weather Service said Tuesday wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour on the eastern plains could cause extensive blowing and drifting snow that could force road closures, including Interstate 70 and Interstate 76.
Up to 30 inches of snow is expected in the Colorado mountains and could cause whiteouts, with winds up to 50 miles an hour over mountain passes.