GLENWOOD SPRINGS– Colorado River District officials
are expressing concerns over a pipeline proposal to deliver water
from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming to Colorado.
The district handles water policy and planning for the Colorado
River Basin within Colorado. Federal regulators are still reviewing Aaron Million’s pipeline proposal, which would use water from the Colorado River system. Colorado River District officials are telling regulators the
cost for the pipeline, which would stretch more than 500 miles,
will be “enormous.” They also say the proposal could cause
Colorado to use up its allocation of Colorado River system water
under a multistate compact and hurt existing users of that water.
Million contends there’s enough water available for his
proposal. Federal and state studies on Colorado River water
availability aren’t complete yet.

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – A homeless man with a history of legal
problems in Aspen has been given a one-way bus ticket to North
Dakota to find work in the state’s booming oil patch. The Bismarck
Tribune reports that a homeless shelter in Aspen found a donor to
pay for Jimmy Baldwin’s $190 ticket to Williston. The Aspen shelter
director says Baldwin was determined to hitchhike to North Dakota
to find work. But Savage says he sought a donor for a bus ticket
DENVER (AP) – The struggling Colorado Symphony Orchestra is
adding shorter concerts, traveling shows and video screens to help
reach out to new audiences. It’s part of a new plan to keep the
symphony operating and profitable in the 21st century. The Denver
Post reports that that in the next season, the symphony will add
concerts by smaller chamber-music groups, quartets and quintets to
its lineup. The less expensive shows will be performed at community
centers, churches and theaters in the suburbs.

DENVER (AP) – Operations are getting back to normal at Denver
International Airport after a 10-inch snowfall. There were no
significant flight delays or cancellations at the airport today,
the busiest day of the holiday travel week. Airport officials say
departing passengers may still have deicing delays after leaving
their gates.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – A moose and her two calves are
drawing crowds in Steamboat Springs as they lick parked vehicles
for the salt on them. The Steamboat Pilot & Today reports the moose
have been spotted tasting the sides of an animal control vehicle
and, most recently, the bumper of a salty Subaru. State wildlife
manager Jim Haskins urges moose watchers to give the big animals
plenty of room when they appear around town.

WELLINGTON, Colo. (AP) – A homeowners association is threatening
to fine a northern Colorado couple for their popular Christmas
display. The HOA at the Wellington subdivision says each lawn can only
have three ornaments. Davin Armstrong and his wife Amber Hersh are about 20
decorations over that limit. Their display includes a town
including a candy shop, Santa Claus’ house and a workshop, a Santa
and reindeer set and a train set. There’s also over 30,000 lights.
Hersh says he had never heard of the limit until getting a notice from the property management company about the $25 biweekly fine for violating it.
The management company says the family has not been fined.
Hersh said they’ll keep the decorations up and risk paying $100
by the end of the holiday season.