News, December 30th


Centennial—18 year old Karl Pierson entered a door that was supposed to be locked but was often propped open at Arapahoe High School.  He shot 17 year old classmate Claire Davis point blank in the face before eventually turning the gun on himself on the morning of December 13th.  This morning, Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson revealed additional information about the tragic shooting that he says could have been much worse if not for the presence of an armed school resource officer who was fast closing in. Robinson says he believes even if the door had been locked, Pierson was so heavily armed and determined to hurt others, he would have found another way into the school.   Investigators say the disturbed young man’s main target was a debate team coach who had disciplined him.  Pierson was armed with a shotgun, a machete and over 100 rounds of ammunition. Claire Davis died eight days after the shooting.


Carbondale—A tax on energy use or a utility fee may be charged to Carbondale residents to encourage conservation and to fund green energy projects.  The board of trustees plans to spend about 115 thousand dollars next year on energy related programs and projects. A new tax or fee isn’t sitting well some people.  Opponents say the town should look for donations to fund the programs rather than forcing residents to pick up the tab.

In other Colorado news…


DENVER (AP) – Some Colorado residents whose homes were damaged by September’s floods might have to move rather than rebuild because their lots are now considered too vulnerable to future flooding. Local governments are updating hazard maps, and the revisions could make neighborhoods off-limits for construction. Larimer County says 77 homeowners will be told they cannot rebuild because of flood danger, but they can appeal.
PUEBLO (AP) – A Denver Broncos fan says he thought he might die when he was stabbed five times outside Sports Authority Field after the Chargers-Broncos game Dec. 12.  Matt DeHerrera was one of three people stabbed after a near-collision in the parking lot. Denver police say 29-year-old Justin Manzanares was arrested for investigation of assault. Police said they don’t release victims’ names and couldn’t confirm DeHerrera’s account.

FOUNTAIN(AP) – Authorities say a man found dead in a Fountain street may have been struck by a hit-and-run vehicle. The body was found Saturday night after Fountain police received a report that a drunken man was walking in front of vehicles, apparently trying to be hit. Officers were searching for the man when the body was found. Investigators are asking the public’s help in identifying any vehicle involved.

GRAND JUNCTION (AP) – Work is underway on a 4-mile segment of the Colorado Riverfront Trail in Mesa County. The $4.3 million project will connect the Walter Walker Wildlife Sanctuary to 18 1/2 Road in Fruita along the Colorado River.