News, February 12th


DENVER (AP) – New ammunition limits and more background checks on firearm purchases will be under consideration as Colorado Democrats start pushing gun control legislation. The House Judiciary committee is expected to take its first votes on the bills today. One would make it a crime to have or sell large-capacity gun magazines. Another proposal would require background checks on private gun sales. Opponents have raised questions about how either proposal would be implemented.


DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill to protect social media privacy by banning employers from requiring passwords to personal accounts. A bill up for its first House committee hearing today would prohibit required disclosure of personal passwords or account information on social networking sites. In their effort to vet job applicants, some companies have started asking for passwords to log into a prospective employee’s accounts on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Critics call it an invasion of privacy.


DENVER (AP) – A powerful drug that can stop an overdose in time to get medical help for an addict could be expanded in Colorado. The state Senate starts work Thursday on a bill to expand access to so-called “opioid antagonists,” injected drugs that can stop an opiate overdose by “freezing” the brain’s receptors for opiates such as heroin or OxyContin. The drugs temporarily restore normal breathing so that overdosing addicts can be taken to a hospital.


DURANGO, Colo. (AP) – Investigators looking for a boy last seen in the Vallecito (vy-uh-SEE’-toh) area on Nov. 19 say they hope to talk to a man seen in the north end of Vallecito that day. La Plata County sheriff’s officials said Monday the man might not realize he could be a potential witness who could help find Dylan Redwine. Investigators say they recently interviewed someone who remembered speaking to the man, who asked where to find gasoline for his vehicle Nov. 19. The man said he was looking at rental properties. He is described as Hispanic, between ages 45 and 50, about 5-feet-10-inches tall, and about 170 pounds.