Glenwood Springs–All six towns in Garfield County will get a share of over a half million dollars in sales tax refunds as well as the communications board and the library district. The money is coming from the county’s general fund and is in the budget.

Aspen–Former Aspen Mayoral candidate Marilyn Marks is part of a group of voters suing Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler for depriving citizens of the constitutional right to a secret ballot. The lawsuit also targets clerks in six counties including Eagle and Mesa.

Telluride–A Telluride man died in an avalanche yesterday just outside the ski resort boundaries. Officials say two skiers found the body of 38 year old Nathanael Soules under four feet of snow.

Denver–Fewer people were caught drinking and driving in Colorado during Super Bowl weekend. State officials say DUI arrests were down for the second year in a row.

In other news….

DENVER (AP) – A proposal to give bidding preferences to
companies that employ mostly Colorado workers for state projects is
getting its first hearing. The bill is one that Senate Democrats
have heralded as one of the main features of their job-creation
plan this legislative. But the idea is not welcomed by Republicans
and some business groups.

DENVER (AP) – Medical marijuana is legal in 17 states, but the
industry has a decidedly black-market aspect – it’s mostly
cash-only. Banks won’t touch pot money. The drug is illegal under
federal law, and processing transactions or investments with pot
money puts federally insured banks at risk of drug-racketeering
charges. In Colorado, state lawmakers are attempting an end-run
around the federal ban with a bill that would create the nation’s
first state cooperative financial institution for dispensaries and
growers to allow them to store and borrow money.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – One man is dead and another
injured after they were pinned between two vehicles involved in an
accident in Colorado Springs. Police say a car swerved into several
parked vehicles to avoid a truck driving in the wrong lane and hit
two parked vehicles, pinning two men who were unloading tools from
their van. They were not identified.