CARBONDALE–The Thompson Divide Coalition is
proposing a financial settlement to reimburse oil and gas companies who own natural gas leases in the area in exchange for protection from
any further energy development there. The coalition has sent letters to a half dozen companies promising to reimburse them for what they’ve invested on the leases. Board member Jock Jacober says the reimbursements would amount to about two and a half million dollars,which the coalition plans on continuing to raise through events like fundraisers.
However the disbursement of funds is contingent on Congress
passing legislation that would protect the Thompson Divide.
Encana Oil & Gas is one of the companies that received a letter.
Spokesman Doug Hock says the company hasn’t had a chance to
thoroughly review it. Other companies haven’t commented.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – A proposal to build a pipeline to carry
water from southwestern Wyoming to Colorado’s Front Range has
sustained another setback. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
today dismissed the application by a Fort Collins businessman for a
permit to build the 500-mile pipeline.

DENVER (AP) – Colorado’s Solicitor General Dan Domenico will be
Washington next week to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Domenico will represent Colorado in a case involving a state inmate
who’s challenging his conviction in the slaying of an assistant
manager at a pizza shop in 1986. Federal assistant public defender
Kathleen Lord is representing the inmate.

DENVER (AP) – Officials at DIA are warning travelers to the
airport to expect delays as construction begins on upgrades. The
delays will primarily affect people who park in outside lots and
use shuttle buses. The construction projects include a new airport
train station and hotel. KCNC-TV reports the delays could last
until 2016.

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. (AP) – Investigators are trying to
determine the cause of a suspicious fire that destroyed the town
hall in Green Mountain Falls. Investigators are sifting through the
debris after the building was destroyed early this morning.
Authorities said no one was injured in the fire in the small town
west of Colorado Springs. Firefighters say high winds pushed the
flames toward a nearby home, which sustained minor damage.